GIRLS Pleasures


My second individual exhibition in Ogniem i Piecem, Gdynia. I expose my posters but also use this occasion to make an girl's event so I presented photos of Redlavalamp and I organised screening of movies made by girls / with a girl protagonist. At the end I also made live screen printing of my graphics on tshirts of guests.


About the event:

Freedom means bravery (not vulgarity), pleasure means love, youth means lifestyle, sensuality means not treating yourself too seriously.
I am a woman and I am super excited about that.
Let's get drunk with wine. In honour of our mothers.
Just C O M E to spend this glamorous evening together!

*Outfit is not required - whoever comes naked, I will shake one's hand.


I can help in communicating your brand, creating effective social media campaigns content through art direction, motion design and illustration. Let's work together!

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