Our task for European Commission & School of Form project was to create concept of Future of Government 2030+ based on received scenario. We decided to show that concept in an animation and installation. Then we executed public tests and interviews if our concept works.


The government is financially weak, but people tend to trust it. Technology providers are the richest people in the country. The rest of the society are significantly poorer. They have to organize themselves into groups and create sharing platforms to exchange skills and goods.


The project is a speculation on possible future of data. Garbage is used as a metaphor to show an example of how guided our choices could be if we continue to give away our data so easily. The installation invites you to start a journey together with the fiction character and decide which path you would take in the given circumstances.  


After Effect + Illustrator

Team: Viktoriia Baran, Agnieszka Bartosz, Anna Kavouras
Music: Macaw - Five minutes at the rainforest cafe


I can help in communicating your brand, creating effective social media campaigns content through art direction, motion design and illustration. Let's work together!

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