I am an interdisciplinary storyteller based in Berlin. Research, power of colors and visual simplicity are the key components of my designs.

What can I do for you?

- create effective social media campaigns

- build your brands visual communication strategy

- illustrated content

- 3D & 2D motion design

- art direction



European Commission



Relative Berlin





Unda Records

Skandynawistyczne Koło Naukowe UJ


Magazyn Szajn

Centrum Kultury w Gdyni

Muzeum Emigracji w Gdyni

exhibitions / publications

Szajn Magazin, online, June 2019

Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv, Berlin, March 2019

Popmoderna, online, January - June 2019

Xconfessions by Erika Lust, online, February 2019

Individual exhibition "Girls Pleasures", Ogniem i Piecem Gdynia, July 2018
The Palace, international art residency, Nysa, July 2018
All_Stars_Error, group exhibition during Gdynia Design Days, July 2018

O C Z Y I N a U G U a R a C J a, Fyrtel Gdynia, June, 2018
HYDE PARK, group exhibition, Dwie Zmiany Sopot, January 2018

Figa z Makiem, bazaar, Gdynia tuBaza, December 2017
Trisity - group exhibition during screenprint festival, ASP Gdańsk, December 2017
Kink Magazine publication, December 2017
Curated by girls publication, October 2017
Garnizon Sztuki , group exhibition, Gdańsk, September 2017
Short Waves Festival 2017: Film posters group exhibition, Rodriguez Gallery Poznań, June 2017
Publication Sztuka Trójmiasta, June 2017
Tęczowy Manifest, group exhibition, Cafe Kulturalna Warsaw, June 2017
Publication G'rls Room magazine, June 2017
Publication A5 Zine, May 2017
Design Night during Poznań Design Festival, video loop screening, May 2017
Video and poster exhibition on Re#Media event, NINA Warsaw, February 2017
Individual exhibition “Expose myself”, Tłok Gdynia, October 2016

Celebrating life, kind people, sun on my face at the morning, calm evenings by the sea after surfing, Berlin on bike, power of color pink, hot cacao with movies and love - that inspire me in everyday life and make me a better person and employee.

Let's work together!


I can help in communicating your brand, creating effective social media campaigns content through art direction, motion design and illustration. Let's work together!

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